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Portable Area Velocity Laser Flow Logger - Type 2160

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Before LaserFlow, non-contact sensors only measured surface velocity. Now, this non-contact sensor penetrates the water with laser technology to measure velocity at multiple subsurface points.

The LaserFlow remotely measures flow in open channels with non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity technology and non-contact Ultrasonic Level technology. The sensor uses advanced technology to measure velocity with a laser beam at single or multiple points below the surface of the wastewater stream.

During submerged conditions, flow measurement continues without interruption with the optional Doppler Ultrasonic Area Velocity technology.

Depending on your application needs, the LaserFlow device can be programmed to take velocity measurements at single or multiple points below the water's surface, producing an accurate mean velocity reading.

In field use, the 2160 is typically powered either by two alkaline, or Isco Rechargeable Lead-acid batteries, within a 2191 Battery Module. Other power options (including solar) are available.

  • Non-contact velocity and level measurement
  • Single or multiple point measurement below the liquid surface
  • Robust, submersible enclosure fulfills IP68 environmental requirements
  • No deadband from measurement point in noncontact level and velocity measurements
  • No need for manual velocity profiling with handheld meter
  • Bidirectional velocity measurement
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