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Loop-powered digital indicators for safe areas - 830 Series

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The 830 loop-powered digital indicators are universally applicable. The range (either 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA) is simply selected via terminals. Display starts working at an operating current of only 0.3 mA.The low voltage drop of 0.5 V allows application in current loops with low load voltage. Bargraph for quick range overview.The digital indicators provide a bargraph in addition to the digital display. This gives you all information on your process variable at a single glance.
Versatile setting capabilities
Zero, span, and min/max outputs can be adjusted as desired, enabling direct readout of measured values such as temperature, power, displacement, pH value etc. The indicator comes with a symbol set for standard engineering units. The symbols can easily be replaced. Thanks to microprocessor technology, you do not require a high-precision external reference current for parameter setting. Even during operation, the settings can be changed without problems.

  • The product line includes indicators in modular cases, as well as large and small cases for installation in equipment and control panels.
  • Floating min/max outputs on request
  • The two optionally available min/max outputs can be set as normally closed or normally open contacts. Limit values, hysteresis, and switch-on delay can be set as desired.
  • EMC design ensures reliable measurements even under unfavorable ambient conditions.
  • HART communication
  • The indicators transmit HART signals disturbance-free. Measured value display is not affected.
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