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Isothermal IVF LN2 Freezers

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The CBS isothermal IVF LN2 freezer is designed to meet all temperature, storage and security specifications for in-vitro fertilisation cryopreservation applications. It differs from the normal isothermal LN2 freezers by the presence of a specially designed inner structure for IVF and other straw storage.

A 3-level rotating carousel provides convenient inventory control and maximizes storage space for up to 24480 straws in 68 canisters, while an easy retrieval of samples is guaranteed with patented retrieval tool. The great advantage of isothermal (IVF) LN2 freezers is the fact that samples are stored at liquid nitrogen temperatures without liquid nitrogen contact. These freezers have a double wall which contains the liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen vapour is then continuously circulated inside the tank through little holes at the top, guaranteeing a superb temperature uniformity of around -190°C throughout the inner tank. That way, all disadvantages or problems that can occur with liquid nitrogen are completely avoided.

First of all, storage in liquid nitrogen causes significant cross-contamination risks due to the liquid phase, while these risks are extremely low in the gas phase.

Secondly, weak temperature uniformity or strong temperature fluctuations cause big stress to biological samples, strongly reducing their later viability. To bypass the liquid phase risks, sometimes one third of a tank is filled and samples are stored in the gas phase above. Samples are then circulated from top to bottom from time to time, causing this stress to the biological samples due to the strong temperature gradient in this non-circulated gas phase. The CBS isothermal freezers avoid this problem by the continuous vapour circulation.

Finally, the isothermal freezers are very user convenient, as the risk of splashing or coming in contact with liquid nitrogen is minimized, the visibility inside the tank is increased and handling of the samples has become much easier and safer. The isothermal IVF LN2 freezer mainly features castors for optimal mobility, a stainless steel construction, a round space saving design and a complete monitoring system. In short, the CBS isothermal IVF freezer is the preferred choice for 100% safe and user convenient in-vitro fertilisation cryopreservation applications.

  • High quality
  • Isothermal LN2 storage
  • Interior rotating carousel
  • Storage in vapour phase
  • No cross-contamination, temperature gradients or liquid nitrogen contact
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Complete monitoring system
  • Various other features
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