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Flowlink Software for retrieving flow, rainfall, parameter and sample data

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Isco Flowlink® Software uses the power of Microsoft Windows® to streamline your flow monitoring program, allowing you to conduct advanced studies and generate sophisticated reports. Use Flowlink to set up and retrieve data from your Isco 2100 Series Flow Modules, 4100 Series Flow Loggers, 4200 Series Flow Meters, and 675 Logging Rain Gauges. Flowlink also retrieves stored data from 6700 Series Samplers with 700 Series Modules. You can collect data on-site with a laptop PC or an Isco 581 Rapid Transfer Device (RTD), or remotely via telephone modem. All data are stored in an industry-standard Microsoft Access® database, and can be organized based on monitoring projects or geographic location. Flowlink also imports data from spreadsheet files, and converts data from Flowlink 4 site files into the Flowlink database. Flowlink generates a variety of informative graphs and tables. You can display simple graphs with a single mouse click, or conduct very sophisticated analyses of your data.

  • Drag and drop data onto graphs and tables.
  • Generate graphs with up to 4 panes, with up to 4 types of data in each pane.
  • Zoom into graphs.
  • Click and display values on graphs.
  • Edit data and instantly view your changes in both a graph and a table.
  • Calculate average, minimum, maximum and total values.
  • Compare data from multiple sites.
  • Compare flows based on the Continuity Equation and the Manning formula.
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide data.
  • Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) lets you include Flowlink graphs and tables in Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®. Flowlink also exports data to spreadsheet files for analysis with programs such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Schedules let you automatically retrieve data, print graphs and tables, import and export data, and run command-line drive programs such as macros from Excel.
  • Archive data to a zipped file or a network drive, and back up your database to protect your data from computer glitches.
  • Compare dry and wet weather flows, plus rainfall, for Inflow & Infiltration studies.
  • Analyze flow, rainfall, and sample data together for CSO/SSO and cMOM studies.
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