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Flow meter for open channels, 3D velocity measurement - IQ

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Ideal for monitoring flows in small channels, the SonTek-IQ starts with a custom flow algorithm derived from hundreds of field measurements. Four velocity beams profile water velocity in 3-D - both vertically and horizontally - ensuring complete coverage of the velocity field. The built-in pressure sensor and vertical acoustic beam work in tandem to measure water level. Simply input the channel geometry using the intuitive SonTek-IQ software and you are outputting flow data in minutes. The SonTek-IQ can collect flow and volume data in as little as 8 cm of water. Its five-beam pulsed Doppler design is Modbus, SDI-12, and RS232 ready. Even better news - the SonTek-IQ installs with limited or no earthworks. With the SonTek-IQ, expect to get quality data for quality decision making.

  • Two along-axis velocity profiling beams (25° off the vertical axis) measures vertical stratification of channel velocities
  • Two skew velocity profiling beams (60° off the vertical axis and horizontal axis) measures the horizontal distribution of channel velocities
  • Intelligent adaptive sampling via SmartPulseHD
  • Dynamic selection and optimization of the acoustic pulsing scheme based on water depth, flow velocity and turbulence
  • Robust water level
  • Combines data from vertical beam and integrated Pressure sensor
  • High resolution temperature sensor
  • Communicates via RS-232, SDI-12 and Modbus
  • Mounting brackets allow for a quick and easy installation
  • External power (7- 15 VDC) required
  • 4 GB internal recorder provides data storage for years
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