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Extended Range Multi-cell Doppler Current Profiler - Argonaut-XR

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The Argonaut-XR offers exceptional value for near shore deployments in less than 40 m of water. Designed specifically for mounting on the bottom of a river, channel, or harbour, the XR features a special mode that automatically adjusts one of its measurement cells for changing water level. Its small size, rugged build, and flexible system architecture make the XR attractive for both real-time operation and autonomous deployments.

  • MultiCell feature - 10 water velocity cells plus an eleventh automatically adjusting cell
  • 3D water velocity
  • Integrated piezo resistive pressure sensor
  • Reflected echo intensity output
  • SDI-12
  • Mounting plate for easy installation
  • RS-232 communication protocol
  • Flexible sampling strategies for reduced duty cycle operation
  • Internal memory (stores over 20,000 samples)
  • Compass/two-axis tilt sensor
  • Temperature sensor on exposed titanium pin for fast response
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