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Cryosystem Dewars

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The CBS cryosystem dewars are standard dewars for liquid nitrogen storage applications.

Maximum sample capacity with a low LN2 consumption provides a low-cost and versatile LN2 sample storage. A choice can be made between the Classic series, the XC series and the Value Added series.

The Classic series feature a lightweight aluminium construction, a lockable lid and an easy sample access, while they can accommodate vials, boxes & dividers and racks.

The XC series are completely comparable to the Classic series, but are smaller and can only accommodate vials, canes and canisters. The Value Added series are also completely comparable to the Classic series, but have an added dewar controller.

  • High quality
  • Standard dewars
  • Maximum capacity
  • Low LN2 consumption
  • Very wide capacity choice
  • Lightweight
  • Lockable lid
  • Various other features
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