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Corning 1D/2D Cryogenic Tubes

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An excellent storage solution when dealing with a great amount of samples. Due to the synchronized 2D AND linear barcode, you can't make any mistakes! The tube is made from polypropylene which makes it very inert, and offers a screw cap or septum cap to go with these. And don't worry, the barcodes are laser-etched, which guarantees the correct reading every time you scan it!

  • Available in bulk or a rack.
  • 96 or 384 Barcoded configuration available.
  • 96 storage tubes have the choice between septum caps (made from TPE) or screw caps. 384 storage tubes have plug caps.
  • Laser-etched barcode, both linear aswell as 2D.
  • Made from polypropylene.
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