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Conductivity Sensor - Type ACF60

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The ACF60 conductivity sensor features a superior six-electrode, four-pole design. The patented arrangement of the four current electrodes around the two potential electrodes results in a reliable and precise measurement. This unique design also provides greatly reduced sensitivity to sensor fouling and polarization.

The combination of optek C8000 universal converter and ACF60 conductivity sensors allow a wide dynamic range from 0 – 10 µS/cm up to 0 – 850 mS/cm with the same sensor.

Designed for ultra-sterility, the six electrodes are sealed in the FDA (USP class VI) compliant PEEK sensor tip without the use of O-rings or epoxy. Mounted in an optek inline sensor body the design ensures smooth and unrestricted flow of all process fluids with minimized hold-up and hydrostatic shears.

The ACF60 sensor is suitable for CIP/SIP applications. pH and conductivity measurement combined for low hold-up volume in 0.25 triclamp measuring cell.

  • Patented six-electrode design reduces sensitivity to fouling and polarization.
  • Wide measuring range: 0 - 10 µS/cm up to 0 - 850 mS/cm.
  • Integrated Pt1000 temperature sensor.
  • pH and conductivity measurement combined for low hold-up volume in ¼’’ TC measuring cell.
  • No O-rings or epoxy - suitable for CIP/SI.
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