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ColorFlex EZ

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45/0 Design: For Relentless Perfection in Colour Quality

HunterLab’s ColorFlex EZ offers the advantage of 45/0 design ensuring that you not only get your colours right - but perfect every time. It is the optimal and only instrument design that measures your samples the way the human eye does. It lets you see your colours exactly the way your customers do, not just in the lab but in the real world.

  • Measures the reflected colour of solids and liquids
  • Product-standard storage with Pass/Fail tolerances
  • Displays Colour Data, Colour Plot, Spectral Data and Spectral Plots
  • Requires very little bench space
  • Available with 45°/0° measurement geometry
  • Can be connected to a printer or a PC
  • Compatible with EasyMatch software
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