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Cation Conductivity Analyser

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DCC1000e is the reliable and accurate analyser that prevents corrosion of components such as the turbine in the steam cycle and alerts you in time when it goes in the wrong direction. This analyser is in accordance with ASTM D4519. The purity of the water is guaranteed by the accurate detection of corrosive components.
The analyser is operated via the M800 multi-parameter/multi-channel converter with touchscreen. So you have all the information from the three conductivity measurements, calculated pH and CO2, temperature and graphic display at a glance. Together with the built-in Intelligent Sensor Management, the DCC1000e provides information about water quality and sensor diagnosis. This avoids unexpected process interruptions.

  • Sampling flow rate: 150-350 ml/min.
  • Temperature: 20-60°C.
  • Pressure: 0.3 - 4 barg (gauge pressure).
  • Cation resin: 600 cm³.
  • Ambient temperature: 5-50 °C.
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