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Capacitive level measurement

Horizontal Tabs


Level Controller/Gauges in fuel tank, watertank or for other chemicals.

POP-22 EX has all in one: LCD display, two relay outputs, one analog output, in-built Ex-barrier and programmability ! It is easy, versatile, reliable, affordable and also approved according to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC! The versatile POP-22 EX level measurement and control unit can be used to indicate level, control pumps and valves and to send alarms.

Main applications are Fuel oil tank level measurement, Well level measurement and pump control and Chemical tank pump control.
There is an Ex-barrier inside as as standard feature. One Labko 2W or 3W series probe or any other analog 0/4...20 mA process instrument which is Ex approved and has proper connecting values, can directly be connected to POP-22 EX.

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