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Verified Water Chemistry in power plants and CHP.

Blog article Elscolab - Verified Water Chemistry in power plants and CHP.

Avoid false alarms and increase the reliability of online analysers.

As an analytical specialist you may not like to hear it, but operators and production employees of power plants do not always have complete confidence in online analysers. The cause is often an alarm message that turns out not to be relevant.

This is solved using the Verified Water Chemistry program. By combining the intelligence embedded in digital measurement systems with extensive application knowledge, you can ‘verify’ the measurement signals and avoid triggering ‘false alarms’.

Some examples of what we mean can be found below.

  • Is there sufficient flow? I.e. is there a blockage or has a valve broken?
  • Is the temperature suitable for the sensor or analyser? If not, this may lead to different measurements.
  • Has the service life of the sensors been exceeded? Each sensor has a limited service life. Sensors that have been in use for too long may give rise to error messages.
  • Are there sensors that require maintenance or calibration? Maintenance and possible recalibration when necessary is essential for proper operation.
  • Do changes in the pH measurement correspond to the values of the calculated pH values based on conductivity measurements? That way you have a built-in check on the pH measurement.

By using ‘Verified Water Chemistry’, you avoid false alarms and increase confidence. Energy producers can use "Smart Alarm" logic, including from EPRI and VGB. This helps to quickly detect the real cause of a problem in the production plant.


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