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MemoView: sensor diagnosis without process interruption.

Blog article Elscolab - MemoView: sensor diagnosis without process interruption.

Make it visible!

How often has it happened to you? You come back from an intervention and you’ve forgotten to write down that one crucial fact ... If so, then MemoView is your solution! 

Really useful, the new MemoSens tool from KNICK! You simply slide the MemoView over the head of the sensor while it is still in the process. Connect this to a portable 907 or 908 type measuring device. Read and save the measured values, sensor info and calibration data. Meanwhile, the signal to transmitter and / or control room is not interrupted.

This is the tool that every service engineer and analyser specialist has been waiting for. Let's be honest. Just save everything you want to know about your inline sensor on a portable device. Upload to the PC afterwards, attach notes and your report is ready. Sounds great, right?


MemoView is a wireless diagnostic tool for MemoSens sensors (pH, conductivity, oxygen) and operates together with the Portavo 907 and 908 portable devices. This means that you can also use the diagnostic tools of these measuring devices. For example, the spider’s web diagram in which you can read the status of the sensor at a glance. And all without process interruption!

This saves you time because you don’t have to report to the control room that you are going to carry out work on a certain process analyser and there aren’t any unnecessary maintenance interventions.


An example: you want to temporarily record the measured values in order to detect unexpected process variations. Installing a second measurement point or connecting an external data logger is often not possible. Use MemoView and Portavo 907/908. Analysing data can be done afterwards following exporting the data to e.g. MS Excel.

In short, MemoView is an indispensable tool for anyone who has pH, conductivity or oxygen sensors with MemoSens technology.


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