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Cross-pipe O2 analysis without regular re-alignment.

Blog post Elscolab - Cross-pipe O2 analysis without regular re-alignment.

Making a representative oxygen analysis in large-diameter pipes is not always easy. Besides anything else, the oxygen concentration is not the same across the entire cross-section.

A TDL (tuneable diode laser) analyser is often the best choice, because it carries out in-line measurements over the entire distance in the pipeline. In large pipes, it is not easy to start-up and maintain these analysers.
However, there is a solution at hand!

Traditional systems use a laser source on one side and a detector on the other. However, aligning the laser beam in this configuration is a major task. A traditional TDL analyser also regularly loses the signal, because temperature fluctuations and vibrations, among other things, cause the alignment to shift, requiring the whole task to be repeated.

There is an alternative

A smart solution was recently launched on the market: an improved set-up, with laser source and detector on the same side and a corner cube array (innovative reflector) on the other. This system resolves the problem of shifting alignment for good. Even better, exact alignment is no longer necessary!

The Mettler Toledo GPRO500 Cross-Pipe TDL analyser is a compact and simplified version which can be installed and started by one person. The advantages don’t end there.

The corner cube array can always be accessed for maintenance. Optionally, the laser source and the electronics can be isolated from the gas flow by a ball valve, so that the process can continue even during annual validation. This validation can also be performed on-site using a 'calibration tube’, so complete dismantling and transport to the lab or workshop is a thing of the past.

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