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Viscometers & rheometers

A viscometer and a rheometer are tools that are used in quality control and research. They measure the viscosity and flow behavior of liquids and semi solids. They are used in all kind of laboratories, in food, pharma, chemical cosmetics and industry.

Essential for customer product evaluation 

In many applications and industries, colour and viscosity are the key parameters to evaluate the primary aspects of customer product evaluation. Using a viscometer and colorimeter guarantees consistent product release and control. Although viscosity and colour are basic aspects, a quick successful implementation of a viscometer may need good advice.Elscolab also advices and trains people in the theory and use of this kind of instruments.

Rely on a professional

Check out our offer of different viscometers and rheometers below and take your pick. We have different types for different industries. If you are looking for a specific viscometer or colorimeter, contact Elscolab for detailed information and product support.