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Open channel flow & current

Elscolab is specialized in open channel flow. We can assist you with flow measurement going from venture to big river like the river Schelde. For each type of open channel we have a suited system.

A range of different techniques

For the open channel flow measurements in venturi and weirs we have different techniques like ultrasonic, bubbler or submerged probes for level measurement which will be converted into flow. The Doppler technique is used in sewer systems for measurement of flow. The unit will measure the level to calculate the wet area and together with the velocity measurement it gives open channel flow.

Big open channel flows

For the big open channel flows like canals and rivers we have bottom or side mounted Doppler units and radar. For each open channel flow we select the best available technology. Also for marine applications we have units for current and wave measurements.

Want to know more?

Contact us if you have any questions about open channel flows.