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Thermal Cycler - LifeTouch

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LifeTouch has the advanced thermoelectric cooling technology and new integrated TAS technology.

It upgrades the overall performance to a new height: more precise temperature control, faster heating and cooling, more uniform block temperature, smaller form factor and more static operating environment.

LifeTouch has the 30? Gradient.

It can be used to optimize the experimental conditions, meeting the most demanding test requirements. It also has the usb storage function and network function. LifeTouch has a big LCD color touch screen display, displaying more clearly and directly.

  • Sample capacity: 96-PCR plate (full skirted) / 96* 0.2 ml tubes / 12* 8 strips
  • Temp. range: 4°C – 105°C
  • Heating speed of ramping: Up to 4°C/sec
  • Cooling speed of ramping: Up to 4°C/sec
  • Temp. uniformity: = +/- 0.2°C
  • Temp. accuracy: =+/- 0.1°C (55°C) = +/- 0.2°C (=90°C)
  • Temp. control modes: TUBE or BLOCK
  • Auto pause / power protection: YES
  • Soak function: YES
  • Gradient range: 30-105°C
  • Gradient temperature range: 1 ~ 30°C
  • Communication interface: USB and LAN
  • Output power: 600W
  • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 345*250*270 mm
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