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Viaflo II - Lightweight Electronic Pipettes

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Integra Biosciences proudly presents the new electronic pipettes of VIAFLO!

Do your pipette tips ever loosen, leak or fall off? This common issue in laboratories is caused by the use of standard pipette tips. Such tips require “hammering on” which distorts the shape of the pipette tip rim. This can cause leaking, unaligned tips and even pipette tips that completely fall off the pipette!

This will NEVER happen with any VIAFLO II electronic pipette / GripTip combination.
GripTips snap into place with minimal tip loading effort, providing a secure connection so it’s impossible for them to fall off. Above all, the GripTips are always perfectly aligned, resulting in superior accuracy and precision results.

The significantly reduced, well balanced weight of the VIAFLO II pipettes features unsurpassed multichannel pipetting ergonomics, even during prolonged pipetting sessions. The color screen together with the easy to navigate touch wheel user interface promotes an easy set up and operation.

All VIAFLO II pipettes offer a choice of predefined pipetting modes covering typical applications as well as CUSTOM multi-step programs for specific tasks.

  • Optional accessories include charging options, PC software, Bluetooth modules and reagent reservoirs.
  • High quality
  • Fixed or adjustable tip spacing
  • Fast sample processing
  • Low amount of repetitive finger movements
  • Very accurate tip design
  • Wide choice of models
  • Predefined or custom programs
  • Great versatility
  • Intuitive user interface
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